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"If I Fall (Military Cut)" Song/Video Tribute to Our Troops

This is a web site for hosting the mp3 and other files for "If I Fall (Military Cut)".

I wrote this song in the wake of 9/11. The images of those firefighters and policemen and rescue workers, risking and sometimes sacrificing their lives for others. And then our soldiers, going overseas to secure our peace.

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"If I Fall (Military Cut)" video (lower resolution)
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If I Fall
by Cliff Soon
Copyright Cliff Soon/Bearesheis Music 2003 (ASCAP)
if i fall on the field of battle
bringing hope to some distant land
to free a people living under tyranny
bring me home to my land of liberty
lay me down in this land i love
if i fall trying to save a stranger
some poor soul reaching for my hand
land or sea, flood or raging fire
oh my dears, you know I had to try
so if i fall on this day
don't be wond'ring if there could have been another way
so to my family and friends
if i fall, please forgive me if you can
though you know i would miss
your smile and your touch and your tender kiss
though i pray to return
my life is in the Father's hands
and you know i would do it again

if i fall trying to keep my neighbors
safe behind this ol' thin blue line
all i ask is just a simple favor
please be kind to these friends of mine
as they lay their lives on that blue line

if i fall holding forth salvation
the grace of God offered to all men
hope my life showed a hint of heaven
let love rule where hatred used to reign
because this is my call
to lay down
my life for one and all
who seek to know the meaning of
life, liberty and love

because this is my call
to lay down my life for one and all
so my family and friends
if i fall, please forgive me if you can
'cause you know i would do it again


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